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  Over the years Premator has set the standard for high-quality blasting and coating. This has been achieved through the very powerful and well-organised international network of the Premator Group.

To maintain a high level of quality, it is essential to detect and correct faults at an early stage in production. Traditionally, quality control of surface protection has been left to the paint manufacturers' own inspectors. However, by implementing a quality control system within the company, with strict specifications and a highly-trained workforce, the entire production chain can be guaranteed to perform to perfection.

We are therefore demanding that personnel involved in quality control also have the appropriate qualifications, documented through certification. To implement this training and certification we use a variety of recognised and authorised training institutes.

ISO 9002
Premator has now established itself among shipowners and shipyards as a leader in blasting and coating quality and it is improving its service even further by implementing a Quality Assurance Management System in compliance with ISO 9002.

This Quality Assurance Management system involves all the departments and functions in the Company that could have an impact on quality. It establishes procedures ranging from tendering to final hand-over of the project, guaranteeing the same reliable service at every stage of the contract, every time.

Premator has for many years been certified according to Scandinavian corrosion prevention standards and is now undergoing ISO 9002 certification. This will be proof that the required organisational structure and processes are in place to assure clients that Premator will produce a service that guarantees consistent, pre-agreed levels of quality and illustrates the company's commitment to total customer satisfaction.



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